Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Votes are in for the 'Villain(s)' Theme Bonus Round

Well, our 'Villains' bonus round proved a resounding success with 151 voters casting on 45 wonderful entries. You could tell that many of the participants were bringing out their A game which provided a feast for the eyes.

Here are the final results:

3rd place was a very close race with Ray's excellent Sauron, Nick's hilarious Goblin Pirates and Byron's terrifying Nurgle Demon Prince all finishing within a few points of one another. 

But it was in the last few days that Iannick's wonderful Jabberwock pulled ahead to take 3rd place. This will give Iannick 25 bonus points to add to his total. Well done Iannick!

Frankly I'm a little hesitant about announcing 2nd place as I believe it should have been at the top. Sidney Roundwood's series of Mata Hari vignettes are a work of genius - brilliantly conceived and masterfully executed, truly a joy to behold. I urge you to check out Sidney's blog to get a better sense of the craftsmanship that went into these vignettes, it really is quite astonishing. For this entry Sidney will receive 50 additional bonus points to add to his tally. Wonderful work Sidney!

So in this light I am truly humbled to have been given the nod for 1st place. I am delighted that my 1812 French Retreat were appreciated, which in turn does much to bolster my enthusiasm for this rather anachronistic if not desolate little project.

I will not take any prize but will gladly accept the 75 bonus points. Thank you for your support, my thanks to all my fellow Challengers in making this a great bonus round and congratulations again to Sidney and Iannick on their much deserved success!

Now, on to the 'Vehicle' Bonus Round, stay tuned...

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