Sunday, March 26, 2017

Challengers' Choice of AHPC VII

Enjoy the gallery and remember to vote for your favourtites!

AdamC: 17th/18th Century Civilians

AlexS: Magna Graecia

AnthonyO: US Airborne

Barks: Jabba and Retinue

BenF: Sharpe and the Sweeps

ByronM: Arena Rex Beasts 

ByronM: Steampunk Mary & Bert

ChristoperS & MartinN: Russo-Japanese Medic and Casualty

Curt: 'Francis I at Pavia'

Curt: 'Spanish Rodeleros'

Curt: 'Exploding Rebel Ships' 

Curt: Landsknechts

DaveD: Viva Zapata!

DaveD: Sudan Royal Engineers 

GregB: Epic 30K

GregB: Warmaster Empire Knights

IanW: Russian Napoleonic Infantry

IannickM: Halflings 

IsobelS: Ghosty Goos 

JuanM: Sci-Fi Civilians

KyleC: 65mm Afro Samurai

KyleC: Dwarf Alchemist

MartinN (Nick): 'Balbus the Disfigured'

MartinN (Nick): 'If Walls Could Talk'

MartinN (Nick): SCW Legion

MichaelA: 'Who You 'Gonna Call?'

MichaelA: 'Home is Where the Tusk Is'

MichaelA: 'Maori Artillery' 

MichaelA: 'Grail Knights'

MilesR: LRDG

MilesR: Winter Themed German Army

MilesR: JadgTiger in Winter

MilesR: Blood Bowl Skaven 

PaulO: Red Skull 

PeterD: SYW British Light Dragoons

RodF: 'Whompers of 1st Royal Regiment of Hoppers'

SanderS: Carolingian Cavalry

SidneyR: 'Hugo of Laarden' 

SidneyR: Graf Ulrich von Ben and Grigory Sedenko

SidneyR: Don Fernando

StefanK: Napoleonic British Rowing Boat

TamsinP: Chosin Korean Regulars

TamsinP: SYW Russian Army

Sunday, March 5, 2017

'Characters/Scene from' AdamC: Drizzt and Guenhwyvar

For the Character from book or movie I decided to do one of my favorite characters from a contemporary fantasy novel Drizzt Do'Urden and his magical extra dimensional cat Guenhwyvar 

This is one of my newest figures and one of my oldest figures.  Guenhwyvar is the Snow leopard from Northstar and Drizzt is one of a set of Miniatures licensed by TSR (or Wizards of the Coast, I'm not sure which) I believe it was sculpted by Ral Partha but I can't swear to that.  The figure is clearly inspired by the image a the top.

I changed the colors around a bit mostly because I didn't want too much black.

 I also did his skin in the inky black described by the book rather than the more "african" look in the illustration at the top.  I did give him the signature violate eyes from the book but this was the best picture I could get of them.

 Drizzt will make an excellent Treasure hunter or tunnel fighter for frostgrave

Guenhwyvar was true challenge to give the right look because the Northstar figure doesn't really have any fur texture in the sculpt.  I used black and german gray to try and give it some shading. I do think it came out really well.

Both Figures are 25mm so they should be worth 5 points each in addition to the 50 for the bonus round.  I have to say the Drizzt has not for me aged well but I do have a certain nostalgic feelings about the early books.