Sunday, March 5, 2017

'Characters/Scene from' MichaelP: Haldir's Elves at Helm's Deep

The scene in Peter Jackson's film The Two Towers where the elves arrive at Helm's Deep is not in the books, but it is a terrific scene.

So here are the stars of my version of that scene.  A unit of Games Workshop elven infantry (the plastic figures are from the Warriors of the Last Alliance set as scene in the prelude of SPJ's FotR, the metal figures are high elf figures, some of which are OOP now).

Elf archers, also from the Warriors of the Last Alliance plastic set.

Elf command group:

Besides these 21 figures, I present the other star of this entry:   this castle plays the role of Helm's Deep.

I started making this castle back in November, just at the start of the Challenge.   My intention at first was to use it in the Jan 31st Defensive Terrain round, but when that round was revealed to be a typo, I  thought I could use it for a scene from the Siege of Gondor, as I had some Gondorian infantry half painted.  However, they lagged in the painting queue and I realized that I could use this with my elves and call it Helm's Deep.  Sorted!

I had enough sections made to cover the dining room table, almost three feet in length.  I made it out of black foam core, following a recipe in the GW Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game rule books.  I sort of pecked away at it as a way of settling down after visiting my wife in hospital in November and December.  Today it's a delight to have her home and watching me bemusedly as she watches from the living room.  She is responding well to chemo and there is much hope and laughter.

"Helm's Deep!"
"Helm's Deep!"
"It's only a model."

Haldir's elves arrive and enter the gate (which sort of works).  Yes, the gate should have a big ramp leading up to it, but hey, this was shot on a budget.

Theoden greets Haldir:

 Elves and men line the ramparts.  I should have shot this in the dark using a rain machine, but Madame Padre has her limits.

"So it begins!"  Uruk-Hai from my collection hired as extras.

Ladders go up along the walls.

Berserkers on the battlements!  I like the one elf defending his red potted plant.   That's the downside of using figures based using flocking and  ground effects for these sorts of setting.  Oh well.

This looks bad.  Might be time for Aragorn and Gimli to make an appearance.

"Someone's knocking at the door".

At this point I ran out of film and after catering lunch for this lot, I was broke, so I am calling it a wrap.  I will take whatever points I get for this (21 X 28mm foot figures) and hope you enjoyed this tribute to the Two Towers.




  1. This is great!

    I always felt Haldir got a raw deal in the film...

  2. Well done Michael and building Helm's Deep as well - wow!

  3. Great post, love the "play by play" story.

  4. Awesome! I love your 'illustrated' storyline. It was one of my favourite parts of the Two Towers.

  5. Thank you all, glad you liked it. The castle was a labour of love and a welcome diversion when I really needed it. I may add more bits to it.

  6. Terrific work, Michael! Really wonderful, and a great tribute to a brilliant scene in the Film!