Sunday, March 5, 2017

'Characters/Scene from' PaulOg: 'Helped by a cup of tea'

I had planned and even completed a different character earlier in the challenge with this bonus round in mind but then I finally got hold of this figure to pay homage to one of my favourite ever movie scenes, from the classic 1977 flick "A Bridge Too Far."

In the aftermath of the disastrous initial landings at Arnhem, Major General Robert Urquhart, Commander of the British Airborne Division (played by Sean Connery) considers how things are going:

General Urquhart: Hancock - I've got lunatics laughing at me from the woods. My original plan has been scuppered now that the jeeps haven't arrived. My communications are completely broken down. Do you really believe any of that can be helped by a cup of tea?

Cpl Hancock: Couldn't hurt, sir. [Urquhart accepts his mug of tea]

I try to emulate him when things go pear shaped at work...

So here he is, flanked by a pair of sten toting paras that had eluded my earlier attentions (the jeep was submitted earlier in the challenge so is here to copy the movie set only). 

Tea drinking Para figure by Northstar and is a welcome addition to my Brit Para force, either as a senior commander or an objective marker.


  1. Lovely stuff .. can't go wrong with tea!

  2. Excellent! I remember that from way back when I was a kid. One of the last 'cast of hundreds' films. I seem to remember it didn't go well for those radiomen in a scene or two...

  3. Very nice! A great stoic figure.

  4. Haha! An excellent film, and an excellent submission.

  5. Perfect, such a great scene in the film too.

  6. It is true, nothing ever got worse for a good cuppa. Great job on the Denison camo pattern.

  7. Definitely one of my favourite scenes from the film...brilliant work!