Sunday, March 5, 2017

'Characters/Scene from' SteveM: Characters from Imperial Assault

Scale : 28mm
Mfg : Fantasy Flight Games
Product :Imperial Assault
Material : plastic

Paints: automotive primer, Vallejo Model Color, gloss varnish, matt vanish
Details: 5 figures

Up are three wookies and two droids for Imperial Assault from Star Wars movie fame. I haven't played the game yet but have started painting the miniatures.  This coming week I hope to get a game in and see if I like the game play.

The plastic sculps for these are pretty nice and make it straight forward to paint. With all the reference photos out there it does make one take pause though to make sure the colors look correct. and R2-D2 has the blue, white, metallics in the "right" place.


  1. Very nice, the wookiees look suitably hairy!

  2. Great choice and nicely done too.

  3. Nice work, I also like your work on the Wookie's fur

  4. A very high bar for Star Wars entries in this Round. Nicely done fur on the (three!!!) Wookies.

  5. Great work Steve - I really like your Wookiees!