Sunday, March 26, 2017

Challengers' Choice of AHPC VII

Enjoy the gallery and remember to vote for your favourtites!

AdamC: 17th/18th Century Civilians

AlexS: Magna Graecia

AnthonyO: US Airborne

Barks: Jabba and Retinue

BenF: Sharpe and the Sweeps

ByronM: Arena Rex Beasts 

ByronM: Steampunk Mary & Bert

ChristoperS & MartinN: Russo-Japanese Medic and Casualty

Curt: 'Francis I at Pavia'

Curt: 'Spanish Rodeleros'

Curt: 'Exploding Rebel Ships' 

Curt: Landsknechts

DaveD: Viva Zapata!

DaveD: Sudan Royal Engineers 

GregB: Epic 30K

GregB: Warmaster Empire Knights

IanW: Russian Napoleonic Infantry

IannickM: Halflings 

IsobelS: Ghosty Goos 

JuanM: Sci-Fi Civilians

KyleC: 65mm Afro Samurai

KyleC: Dwarf Alchemist

MartinN (Nick): 'Balbus the Disfigured'

MartinN (Nick): 'If Walls Could Talk'

MartinN (Nick): SCW Legion

MichaelA: 'Who You 'Gonna Call?'

MichaelA: 'Home is Where the Tusk Is'

MichaelA: 'Maori Artillery' 

MichaelA: 'Grail Knights'

MilesR: LRDG

MilesR: Winter Themed German Army

MilesR: JadgTiger in Winter

MilesR: Blood Bowl Skaven 

PaulO: Red Skull 

PeterD: SYW British Light Dragoons

RodF: 'Whompers of 1st Royal Regiment of Hoppers'

SanderS: Carolingian Cavalry

SidneyR: 'Hugo of Laarden' 

SidneyR: Graf Ulrich von Ben and Grigory Sedenko

SidneyR: Don Fernando

StefanK: Napoleonic British Rowing Boat

TamsinP: Chosin Korean Regulars

TamsinP: SYW Russian Army


  1. What a great range of entries to choose from :)

    I'm a bit flabbergasted to find that I've got two entries in this, especially as neither of them is the Pulp Seamen

    1. Sarah and I chose not participate in the nominations as we are hosting our own award categories, but in the long list of selections I would have nominated your pulp sea dogs - they were excellent.

  2. Wow!
    This is a very difficult choice!
    Panzergrenadiers, Spaniards, landsknechts, a whole horde of Greeks Alex!
    But I'll probably dwell on the Dwarf alchemist, I see life in this work!)

    1. You can vote for as many or as few entries as you wish :)

    2. No, I support the principle of "one person - one vote" ;)

  3. Such amazing works here indeed. And am kinda surprised to see 2 of my pieces here also.. many thanks for that!

    1. No shock to me, your work is superb Kyle.

  4. Buff! So many good entries, I'd vote for all

  5. It really isn't going to help decide anything is I just vote for them all, is it?