Sunday, March 5, 2017

'Characters/Scene from' SeanM: Princess Mononoke

Good day all.

I'm find of stumped right now to come up with some witty banter, so I'll launch right into it.

My movie entry is San, from Princess Mononoke. Here's an screen grab for anyone who has forgotten.

The base figure I used was the Privateer Press Tharn Wolf Rider Champion, who looks like this when found in the wild.

Although all of the posters on the Circle forums have called out the similarities to San, just being a gal on a wolf is not enough. Light up the Bitz Signal!

So, the thing is Privateer Press has a very restrictive conversion policy if you are going to keep using the figure on the table, so the bulk of the figure needed to remain unchanged. Also, the Champion is a bit more adult than San was in the movie, but there wasn't much I could do to change that.

 Stage one was to dig a GW furred cloak out of the bitz box, which came with the Empire Knightly Orders box set. I decided to use San's masked head as the inspiration for this project, so I needed a mask. As my sculpting is still pretty rudimentary, I used a map pin as the basis, with the eye and mouth holes drilled out with a pin vise. Green stuff fur was used to blend the cloak to the head, and two chips of plasti-card were used to make the ears. The movie informed the choice of colours.

There we go, no internet drama, no loss of blood, no man glutes, just a straight forward entry.



  1. That's a great take on the theme, good to see some anime here.

  2. Nicely done Sean. I'll miss the loss of blood though...

  3. I wish I could see the figure more clearly, but I love the mane of the ... wolf? Pony? the overall effect is very good. Glad you didn't hurt yourself.

  4. What a cool figure. Great work on the conversion Sean!

  5. Nice work with the conversion Sean :)