Sunday, March 5, 2017

'Characters/Scene from' MilesR: Sea of Sand inspired LRDG

 My Movie/Book themed bonus round was suggested from a comment on one of my earlier submissions - Sea of Sand - a film released in 1958 about the LRDG weight before the battle of El Alamein

The movie has a runtime of 1hour and 36 minutes and I set a personal challenge that I had to paint the 12 mini's and base them while watching the movie, which is available to view online here.  I had to prime, paint and scenic 12 28mm mini's in 96 minutes.  I may not be a top quality painter, but I can be fast....

The movie is actually pretty good.  For some reason it's been renamed "Desert Patrol" since release.

The mini's I choose where 12 metal Perry LRDG troopers I got from this year's secret Santa.  These are great mini's to paint and the second time around on them.

A close up of the left 6 and...

 The other 6 - remember these chaps were speed painted while watching the movie - it's a pretty good flick.

These gentlemen were finished while the final credits rolled - mission accomplished!
 Here's a shot of the entire LRDG force that's been completed for this year's Challenge.  The figures from this submission are on the right.
 Oh what the heck, I'll throw in a plastic M4 Sherman painted up for the 8th army
 This wasn't painted while the movie was playing but it's still Western Desert themed.

So that 12 28mm infantry and a tank for 75 base points!


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  2. Very nice, I hadn't heard of this film!

  3. Another film I need to see. And what a great secret Santa! Excellent work.

  4. Great idea, but I now need to watch this again, it has been far too long.

  5. What a unique challenge. Bravo for getting those figures done just under the wire. They look just fine.

  6. Oh wow, I'm so envious of your LRDG collection - they look just terrific Miles.

  7. Great idea, brilliant work and another film to watch out for!!!