Sunday, March 5, 2017

'Characters/Scene from' GrahameH: 'Band of Brothers'

I am sure I will not be the only one to do these, but managed to get the 24 of them done this morning.

These are Battlefront 15mm "Easy Company" figures

This mornings work

Spiers - Doc Roe and Winters

Gens Gavin and Maxwell

Do I get double points for doing the Generals from the book/film "A bridge too Far"? No idea when i purchased these. 

Yes I know they are in the wrong uniform for Sept 44 but I like to Normandy uniform and the rest of my US Paras are painted in this way. And in case you didn't guess that finishes my US Paratrooper Army.


  1. Very nice, may they bring you luck on the tabletop!

  2. "Well, Don, I was at home in Tonawanda, but then Hitler started this whole thing, so now I'm here."
    Nice tribute to the show and to the paras.