Sunday, March 5, 2017

'Characters/Scene from' EricM: Vorenus and Pullo

My submission for the Character Theme Round is Centurion Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo.  While they are probably best know as the main Characters in HBO's fantastic series called Rome they were actually based on real people.   In Caesars commentary of the Gallic Wars he mentions both as rivals competing for Primus Pilus of one of Quintus Cicero's legions.

If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend watching the HBO series and if you haven't read it, read Caesars commentary's.  Hes a master of self promotion and may have actually invented the humble brag. 

The figures are both by Warlord Games.   Really nice figures, clean with dynamic poses. 

Here is Lucius Vorenus

I really like the Titus Pullo figures a dynamic thrusting pose.


Here they are side by side.

I really appreciate the character packs Warlord has been developing.   I love their Marcus Crassus figure I painted earlier.   I just wish they would make some different body types.   I dont want all my officers to be Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson.


  1. That Pullo is a great pose. Very nice work!

  2. So many great Romans in this challenge. Great stuff Eric.

  3. Very nice. It is a fantastic series. Shame it was only two seasons

  4. They were both fine characters, and you've done a lovely job bringing them to life. The reds and bronze really crack on this figs. Now I want to binge-watch Rome on Netflix.

  5. We were huge fans of the series and were completely gutted when it was cancelled. I think Ciaran Hinds was superb as Caesar. Great work on these, Eric. I particularly like the more reserved Lucius figure. Wonderful stuff.