Sunday, March 5, 2017

'Characters/Scene from' EdwinK: Doctor Who Companions

Sadly the vignette I bought with this round in mind is still languishing in the plastic bag it arrived in before Christmas.  In order to have something to submit, I've had to fall back on my old favorite for the Challenge - Doctor Who.

I therefore present you with six 28mm Not-Doctor-Who Companions (they're even more Not Not-Doctor-Who now as most are OOP since Warlord Games got the official licence to produce Dr Who figures).

First up, River Song - the Doctor's Wife 
River gets the 'Alien Sand Pit' treatment.  As the other characters are mostly seen on Earth, they are on the lawn of whichever English country house UNIT is currently occupying.

Then two versions of her mother...
The Amy Pond on the left is the only one of these figures not by Crooked Dice.  It's by Heresy Miniatures and still in production (they changed the name to 'Girl' and the colour of her hair in their pictures).

Strax and Jenny Flint
I'm not sure why I see the Paternoster Gang as Guinness drinkers, but I do.  Possibly it's easier to paint than a whiskey and soda...

And finally Captain Jack
Jenny is behind Jack to show that I broke up all the black by having the back of her waistcoat purple. As with most of my photos, that detail is lost.


  1. I am so pleased you managed to get some of your Doctor Who miniatures done Edwin, great job.

    1. Actually, I'm quite surprised I was the only one to do Doctor Who for this round!

  2. Lovely to see your inspired Dr. Who work, Edwin. You know, I never really got River Song and who was the mother/wife of whom figured out. I will have to buy you a Guinness one day so you can explain it to me.

  3. Doctor Who continues to completely baffle me but I would be sad not seeing figures like these in the Challenge. Well done Edwin!

    1. And how are you on Blake's 7?

      Thanks Curt.

    2. Almost as much in the dark BUT I did see a few episodes - I remember thinking it was very dark and moody.