Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top in Votes for Non-Combatant(s) Theme Bonus Round

Well, we had a very successful first Fortnight Theme Bonus Round with 36 Challengers sending in a submission for the 'Non-Combatant' theme. Of this illustrious group the following entries secured the top three places in the voting poll:

For 3rd place we had a tie with Tim's colourful 'Feudal Japanese Civilians'...

...along with Sidney's excellent vignettes of 'WWI Journalists'. Tim and Sidney will be awarded another 25 points to each of their totals.

AnneO'L claimed 2nd place with her wonderfully vibrant 'Guinevere' and will get an additional 50 point bonus.

And 1st place was taken by ByronB with his fabulous 'Old Queen from Snow White' who will get 75 points along with... 

...this characterful non-combatant vignette from Westfalia Miniatures!

Thanks to all the Challengers who entered and congratulations to the winners! The next Fortnight Theme is 'Villain(s)' so be sure to check back to see what The Wild Bunch has dreamt up for their entries.

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