Sunday, March 13, 2016

'Risk Taker' from BrendonW - 'Berserker Dwarves'

19 x 28mm (Heroic) Plastic Berserkers by Avatars of War.

Alright now settle down lads. STAND STILL! I know and, we all know that amongst our clan you are the boldest of risk takers, the biggest of gamblers. Yes we get it. By going down the path of the Berserker you have abandoned armour and helm and more than tripled the consumption of MacRoyds special extra strong brew. But would you all mind stop jumping up and down and salivating just for a moment while the official rune records are inscribed. Our leader requires some form of rendering on stone tablet or tapestry of this day. I know, I know it's just a demonstration of strength to our Human neighbours who have started renegotiating our terms of trade for Bacon and so on. I said Stand STILL! Put away that finger!

I said put way that FINGER laddie!

For the love of BEER! The FINGER! Put it AWAY!

Created for use in my Kings of War Dwarf army these angry bearded fellas make for 2 'Heroes', a  'Regiment ' and a  'Troop '. This is one of those projects that have taken a long time to complete. Other projects kept jumping in front I think. But the theme round pushed me to finally get them over the line. I don't have high hopes of them surviving many games with only skin for armour but perhaps with a magic item and friends they can do enough damage to make a difference before they are routed from the table.

Cheers from Brendon.


  1. Well painted and very well written.

  2. Great work, I think that many gamblers is called a flutter

  3. Pleasant and rude. Pretty sure I pass these guys while driving every day here in Winnipeg.

    Excellent painting!

  4. This is one rowdy bunch! What a great entry Brendon!

  5. Excellent work, Brendon, and nary an orange mohawk in sight!
    ; )

  6. Love the dude givin' the bird! Great work Brendon.

    1. Which one. Three are doing that. Despite being told off about it.

  7. Great bunch of lads. I think I ran into them last time I was in Glasgow ;) Great finger as well!

  8. Excellent work! I may need a few of these rude lads myself, but I do like the orange mohawks on dwarves. My favorite Dwarven troop! ;)