Sunday, March 13, 2016

'Risk Taker' from TamsinP - 'It's the Pits, Baby!'

When it came to deciding what to paint up for this bonus round, I had a number of options - my Curtgeld figure; Revenge on Ray Pt 2; a bunch of high-captive number Aztecs; or something totally different. I went with the last as when I was looking through what figures I had prepped yesterday evening, I found a bunch that I could put together to tell a story.

Welcome to the James Woods Memorial Autoduel Arena in Quahog, Rhode Island.

And what sport could be a finer example of risk taking than Autoduelling? Can you imagine anything more dangerous than letting loose a bunch of crazy guys and gals in high-powered cars loaded up with high-powered weapons, putting them into an arena not much larger than a football field, at high speeds, with lots of obstacles and then seeing who actually survives? That was indeed the premise of Car Wars from Steve Jackson Games all the way back in the early '80s.

Which leads onto my theme entry - the pits at an autoduelling arena.

But who exactly is the biggest risk taker?

Is it Tricia Takanawa, wearing a tight skirt and heels in a busy pit lane?

Is it Sean Griffin and Emily West, the autoduellists?

Is it this would-be autoduellist, letting these bozos work on his car?

Or one of this pair?

Or maybe the chap risking the pit-lane coffee or the lady risking the stew?

I'll leave you to decide!

The informational bit. All the cars pictured were painted a long time before the Challenge started so don't count for points - they're just there for scenery.

The figures are all 25mm from GZG, a couple from the Stargrunt range but mostly from the Street Level range. They were all painted today (nothing like leaving things to the very last minute - thank goodness Curt extended the deadline for this theme round!). I did do a little bit of a cheat with the painting - after priming them a darkish grey, I oversprayed them with white to give some pre-highlighting, then used thinned paints for most of the flesh and clothing (flesh was washed and highlighted; hair and some other parts were washed).


  1. Nostalgia again! Lovely work, Tamsin!

  2. Hilarious at multiple levels. I'm still looking forward to more revenge on Ray, though. Maybe that could be a theme for next year's challenge?

  3. I love your cars and it's great to see them again. Nice work on those figures!

  4. Corker of an entry Tamsin! Love it.

  5. This is totally crazed but I love it. Great colour both in paint and characters. Bravo!

  6. Great work! Can't believe how quickly you did it!

  7. @ Fran - cheers big fella :)

    @ Adam - thanks! :)

    @ Evan - I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right - this could have been a Nostalgia entry :)

    @ Greg - glad you enjoyed it :)

    @ Peter - thanks! :)

    @ Anne - cheers, m'dear! If I'd thought of it earlier I might have actually done some new cars, but with the idea only coming the night before... :)

    @ Millsy - thanks! :)

    @ Curt - cheers! These older figures from GZG do have a certain charm :)

    @ Barks - neither can I! I guess my "cheat" helped, as did using colours for different bits on different figures :)

    @ Michael A - thank you m'Lord :)

    @ Sander - cheers! :)

  8. The "James Woods Memorial Autoduel Arena in Quahog, Rhode Island" - LOL, what a great tribute to one of the wackiest character actors of all. I love this entry - the colours, the craziness of auto-duelling, the characters. Great work, Tamsin!

    1. thanks Sidney :)

      He's definitely one of the more oddball actors. I'd put it in as a reference to "Family Guy" - JW makes quite regular guest appearances and the local high school is named for him. There are a few other Family Guy references in the post.

  9. Very quick work on them for a very nice result, Tamsin! ;)
    Although the cars do not count, they are very's been a long moment since I've played car wars! ;)