Sunday, March 13, 2016

'Risk Taker' from MarkG - 'Old Blood and Guts'

I decided to pick General Patton for my Gambler/Risk-Taker submission. I think it fair to say that he took a good share of risks during his campaigns in WW2, especially in the relief of Bastogne.

I have an abiding memory of when I was seven, our school thinking that it would impart some kind of moral fiber, being herded into the assembly hall to watch the film Patton. I'm not sure it imparted anything, other than an appreciation of what a towering actor George C. Scott was; the opening scene is a classic: Patton (film) opening scene

The figure (which seems to be modelled on this scene) is from Warlord games, and has crisp details which paint up well.

This will also be the figure that I will be sending to Curt as my Challenge participation fee. I hope he likes it.


  1. Legendary risk taker. Nice job.

  2. Another legendary commander - cool! Nice work.

  3. Well done, makes the perfect companion to Lee's Rommel.

  4. Now there's a risk taker! Great work, Mark, really well done!

  5. I can never think of Patton without remembering Kenny Everett. :-) Well done Mark, very nice indeed.

    1. Or Chris Barrie channeling "Kenneth Williams in The Dirty Dozen" - "Helloooo, my name is General Patton..."
      : )

  6. Both a Rommel and a Patton!! Fantastic stuff Mark, thanks so much. You did a brilliant job including all his insignia and decorations.

    Now, I just need someone to do up a Monty and I'll have a perfect hat trick! ;)

  7. Excellent choice and finely executed.

  8. Very nice work on him! Look at that rack of medals and ribbons! ;)