Monday, March 9, 2015

'Antihero' form RayR - 'Judge Dredd'

I've gone all Fantasy for my Anti-Hero bonus round, once again I hadn't a clue what to paint and left it to the last minute to slap some paint on. 

My entry is from Mongoose Miniatures and represents that King of Cool and No 1 Anti Hero Judge Dredd!! And as Curt wanted an anti-Hero figure as payment for entering this years Challenge, this will be mine.

Hope you like him Curt!


  1. Excellent. Was hoping a Dredd entry would appear. The ultimate fascist pig that we can't help but like. Good choice and great painting Ray.

  2. "I *AM* the law!"

    Nice work Ray.

    I must confess that I prefer the earlier, darker uniform colours of the late 70s comics to the current trend for brighter colours.

  3. Sweet figure Ray! Dredd is a fabulous antihero. Thanks so much!

    'Consider him Judged. Any questions, Citizens?'

  4. Very nice Ray - love the vibrant colours. Cheers, PD

  5. Cool mini, Ray! Dredd is the definition of antihero! ;)

  6. How could anyone not like Judge Dredd? Great job Ray.