Monday, March 9, 2015

'Antihero' from ByronM - 'Frank Miller's Batman'

For the theme of Anti-hero I submit Batman, more specifically Frank Millers Batman.  The model is a 30mm version from Knight Models, and while characterful, the mould could be a lot better, especially for the cost.  They all look amazing painting up on their site, but every one I have seen in person (a few batman versions, joker, penguin, some of the crews, etc) all look like very rough casts.  For the cost, they should be far better quality.  However, there are not many other options out there, so if you want DC heroes, this is what you need to work with.

Now, every version of Batman (other than the 70’s TV show version) is an anti-hero to some degree, but the Frank Miller “The Dark Knight” Batman is a kick ass anti-hero.  For anyone not familiar with the graphic novel, shame on you - it’s one of the best ever written, but seriously a brief synopsis…  It’s in the future, Batman is in his 60’s or 70’s and has been in a forced retirement / exile after the government shut down all superheroes, other than Superman who is their enforcer.  Batman can no longer sit back and watch his city and country fall apart and comes out of exile to once again defeat the Joker, but this time permanently.  Then Superman is sent after him to shut him down.  Batman enlists the aid of the Green Arrow who has a grudge to settle as well since Superman ripped one of his arms off years earlier.  Batman ends up poisoning Superman and reminding him that he is not invulnerable.  Then Batman is almost killed but lets everyone believe he has been to start training an underground army to combat the evil in the world.

Anyway, here is my version of the Frank Miller Batman done in a very comic book style with bold contrasts.  It is actually the second and “rougher” paint job after the first one was finished but the can of clear coat fogged it!  I knew I shouldn’t have used right to the bottom of the can of Dullcoat, but usually I don’t have issues.  Only the second time I have had issues in the last 3-4 years, but still not nice when it happens, especially while on a deadline.

In addition to my theme week entry this is also my piece for Curt as the anti-hero entry fee.

For any that don’t believe Batman is an anti-hero, check this out:



  1. My favourite comic, one that I've been collecting for 25 years now. Great work on the Blue. Good to see you didn't go "all black" like the movies.

  2. I'm with Iannick in that I love that he's old skool blue. Brilliant job and another iconic antihero to be sure. Thanks!

  3. The ultimate vigilante. One of my favourites was when Judge Dredd ended up chasing a villain through a Dimension jump and confronted Batman. Nice painting Byron and a great choice. cheers

  4. Batman is one of my favorites, and this one is painted really well! He looks fantastic! I may still order a few, but thank you for the warning of casting flaws! ;)