Sunday, February 22, 2015

'Comedic' from BurkhardS - 'Ankh-Morpork City Watch'

Now the Comic rounds was an instant decision for me. Back when I was in the German equivalent of high school, one of my majors was English. We had to read a lot of English literature (of course). There was some stuff that was absolutely awful in my humble opinion (like Aldous Huxley) and there was good stuff (like Shakespeare). But the best one was when we read Terry Pratchett. We read "Weird Sisters" right back to back with "Mac Beth" and I loved it! Not only was his style of writing great, but his sense of humour was right in line with mine. Seeing how much his work was actually inspired by classical literature made him an instant win with me. I was grateful for being exposed to his work this way, since I would probably have missed him without it.

Now on to the minis. My better half gave these to me as a birthday gift a couple of years ago. I started painting them back then, but was really unhappy with the results. I wanted to keep close to Pratchetts description of the characters uniforms. But this meant lots of browns and too little contrast. So I never finished them, to the understandable distress of my better half. Now seeing the topics for this years Challenge, I decided to give them another try. So they spend a couple of weeks in Acetone. And aided by the much larger collection of brown paints I have these days, I am really happy with the results. 

So here we go, I present you CPT. Carrot Ironfoundersson, SGT. Fred Colon, SGT. Samuel Vines and Nobby Nobs of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch.


  1. Excellent work, well done!

    Gotta love the Watch...

  2. Love these guys. Feel safer on the streets already

  3. Thanks guys! And honestly... The other minis in my showcase already expressed feeling safer, too! ;-)

  4. As a great Pratchett fan I really enjoy these so thanks heaps! Now I cannot wait which one, out of his huge Pantheon of anti-heroes, you will be entering for the last Bonus theme round...

    1. Well you have guessed right... I shall paint a Discworld mini as my Anti-Hero. Although it will not be thenone for the theme round, but rather my entry fee for Curt. I have something different (but also based on fictional literature) in mind for the last theme round. I was torn between those two choices for so long, that I simply could not decided which one. So I wanted to do them both in the end!

  5. What a great bunch, really nicely done too.

  6. Well done - you've done Pratchett proud. Cheers< PD

  7. Wonderful figures, and a nice lot of brown too!

  8. An excellent choice and a good paintjob.
    Well done, Burkhard !