Monday, March 9, 2015

'Antihero' from MarkO - 'Fleeing Franz'

Fleeing Franz!

After several abortive efforts to pick a figure I decided there was really only one choice given my other entries into this Challenge. 

Another Perry figure, here's Franz who refuses to form up nicely with the rest of my Austrians. He's dropped his musket and is off running. He has a long way to travel too, from New Zealand to Canada! Hopefully he'll find the situation there more conducive to his anti-heroic inclinations, and also act as a reminder of my Austrian onslaught!

Kind regards,


  1. my guess would be he end up in Milwaukee :)

  2. I believe he is a descendent of "Brave, brave Sir Robin" ;)

    Nicely painted Mark :)

  3. An excellent antihero to your Austrian focus this year - wonderful!

    Franz will find a well-earned respite once he finishes legging it here to Canada. ;) Thank you Mark!

  4. Ha! A great memento of the Austrian juggernaut you unleashed! ;)