Sunday, January 25, 2015

'Myth' from AdamC - 'Thor'

I got this Thor figure form Reaper miniatures for use a the head of my Gods and Mortals army.  I actually intend to call him Thunir in the game Thor type deity form Guy Gavrial Kay's Last Light of the Sun Novel but its pretty clear from the book that Thor and Thunir are the same hammer wielding god of weather, thunder etc. 

I wanted to try and capture the idea of Thor/Thunir as force of nature feared as much as worshiped and this striding figure with it powerful build, streaming hair and billowing cloak fit the bill. 

For the cloak I wanted to try and suggest that it was made not of cloth but storm clouds.  I looked a pictures and tried to shade not on how light would fall on the cloak but how if would fall through it the way it does a cloud.  

I also used a bit of silver to suggest the crackling energy of the lightning that is ready to burst from the cloud.  That's what I was trying to but I am not sure I pulled it off. 

The vambrace has some nice details that came out well there are lots of little details like this on the figure but it was hard to get good pictures of most of them I am sorry to say.

The figures is 28mm scale but as fits a god is significantly larger than the 28mm dark age warriors he will lead into battle. 


  1. I think this is your best painting work so far Adam.


  2. That's a nice figure. Great idea for the storm cloak. cheers

  3. The cloak looks great, brilliant idea cloaking him in storm clouds! I like his hammer and armor too!