Sunday, January 25, 2015

'Myth' from KevinH - 'Gug'

So, this Fortnight Challenge is "Myth." We used to play a lot of the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game, years ago. I always enjoyed those "Mythos" stories! Some years back, when we were looking to try and do some Cthulhu miniatures games with the Strange Aeons rules, I painted one of the RAFM "Gug" models. Sadly, I never did take any pictures of that figure...

On Boxing Day, I dropped in at the F.L.G.S. as they usually have some good things to offer on the day. I started poking around in the Reaper figures, and found THIS crazy "Gug" beastie!

I was thinking "Myth" or "Monster" or something similar, was one of the Fortnight Challenge options, so I scooped up this figure, along with some other nice Reaper figures I'm hoping you might still see as part of my Challenge posts!

I found this illustration for the Gug on the H.P. Lovecraft Wiki page. I wish some company had made a Gug model that looks like this! At least this guy's "face" looks practical and workable! (yes, I just used "practical" and "workable" in reference to a Cthulhu monster!)

The RAFM model doesn't look too bad, but the mouth on the Reaper model looks positively suggestive! --like a "vagina dentata!" (Look that up sometime, if you're feeling adventurous! --sorry Ladies, and children!) Someone has a very ODD sense of humour!

I painted this Gug according to the description on the Wiki page. In order to try to add a bit of diversity to an almost ALL black figure, I smudged in a bit of Green and Red in the "recesses" on the legs and back, and the "brain" lumps sticking out the sides of the head area. I finished off the model with a wash of Vallejo Model Wash Black. I did thin the wash, but perhaps not enough - it sort of 'killed' the Green and Red bits unless you look closely at the model (and I'm not sure they'll even show in these pictures).

Anyway, it was a fun model to paint! I hope no-one looses any SAN from looking at this post! ;)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice and creepy. Nice job on this scary figure all the more horrible dur to your painting.

  2. Very nice Kevin. I don't know, I think I like the "I could lean over and eat your whole" full body mouth. It kinda fits the whole insanity of the mythos. Its a shame there are not many good quality Cthulhu figs out there. Most are way to cartoony for my taste. I think this one looks suitably evil though, thanks to your painting skills.

    1. Thanks Byron! It is a bit creepier than most Cthulhu figs. I might have to get a couple more when my Strange Aeons KS finally shows up.

  3. Nice job on the Cthulhu Beastie. You called it 'order' has no truck with the old ones! This in looks perfectly nightmarish!