Sunday, January 25, 2015

'Myth' from ScottB - 'The Giant Eagles'

For my 'Myth' bonus theme round, I offer you a pair of Giant Eagles, from GW's The Hobbit/ LOTR line.

The idea of a Giant Eagle is fairly mythic in itself, but I did recall this mythological beast cropping up from my D&D RPG days... a Giant Eagle back then was refered to as a 'Roc'...

I did a Google on the Roc, and found it was a mythic beast from ancient Persia ...

Back to the models and these are again nominally 28mm scale, but are large beasts mounted on large 'flying bases'...

To give an idea of scale I have included a pait of unfortunate orcs in the last picture, who I believe are about to become 'lunch'.

They are plastic multi-piece kits and went together very well. 2 Eagles per box, and you can vary the wings between the torsos, giving you a couple of options on the final pose.

Painting was straight forward, with base coat, shade wash and highlight with drybrushing before final details of eyes, beak and feet were completed. Based and varnished to complete the job.

The movie work by PJ depicting these wondrous creatures was a pleasure to behold, particularly I thought in the first Hobbit movie; An Unexpected Journey,... have rescued the Company, from Azog and his hunter orcs,  they fly them to the pinnacle of rock known as the Carrock... these sweeping flight scenes over the scenic landscapes, put to Howard Shore's masterful music, I always find incredibly moving... 


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  2. Nifty, I do like the one that looks like it's about to grab one of those unfortunate fellas and take him back to the nest for a snack!

  3. Very nice Eagles. Great job Scott. Cheers