Sunday, January 25, 2015

'Myth' from RayR - 'Robin Earl of Huntingdon'

My entry to the Myth bonus round is the most quintessential of English heroes, a legend and myth of English Folklore and hero of many films and stories. Robin Earl of Huntingdon or Robin of Loxley or Roger Godberd or Robyn Hode.

The figure itself is from Northstar Miniatures. I've been buying a few odds and sods from their 1672 range and just had to have this mini, a bargain price of £1.10.

He's an unusual looking Robin Hood, I'm sure you'll agree, he's quite modern looking and would fit right in as a Zombie Survivor, me thinks???


  1. He looks very like Oliver Queen, so you could also use him for a super hero

  2. Excellent work on this dashing and mysterious stranger, Ray - textiles especially well-rendered!

  3. Nicely done Ray, you know there's a certain feminine quality to this figure. Are you sure this isn't Marion in disguise?

  4. Now there is a concept - zombies of Sherwood! Great job Ray.