Sunday, January 25, 2015

'Myth' from Millsy - 'Pegasus'

My entry for this bonus round is something outside my usual military type subjects and required a little bit of thinking and creativity which was a good challenge. On top of that I can see opportunities to use it to bribe my wife at some point, so all good!

I bought this Pegasus miniature early in the year at MOAB. I had absolutely no idea what to do with it until Curt announced the bonus rounds so thanks Curt! It's a lovely sculpt with lots of detail and a wonderfully active pose. It went together very well and required little clean up either. Perhaps the best bit is how strong and well cast the wing joints are which are always a point of weakness something like this.

I have no idea who sculpted it or who the makes them so if anyone knows I'd be grateful for the info. Kudos to whoever they are, it's a beaut!


  1. This is most unexpected, given your usual choice of subject! The subtlety of the shading on wings and coat is really something, well done!

    (And when you mentioned 'bribery', I suppose this means Mrs Millsy's Valentine's Day pressie is sorted then?)
    ; )

  2. Really amazingly good colour choices. Excellent. Cheers

  3. That is stunning! Beautiful painting, especially on those wings.

  4. A deft hand Mr. Mills, a deft hand indeed.