Sunday, January 25, 2015

'Myth' from MartinC - 'Kraken Hunter'

She is” Myth Victoria Darling – Kraken Hunter” and she has a lisp (sorry for the pun but the figure I ordered for this round hasn’t arrived). The 28mm figure is by Ax Faction and I bought her in the North Star sale. She is the 1st figure of this type I have ever bought both in terms of a resin model and just as a stand alone art piece, and it’s all the fault of the challenge. The figure was missing the back of her skirt which is why she has her arse out, although there was a spare hat!

I painted her to match the design on the box and genrally she’s ok in violet with Prussian blue shading and oxford blue highlights. It would have been better if I’d thinked the paints down a little more. There is also an annoying stripe on her stockings that I couldn’t get straight (need a 90o paint brush).

Anyway I think her heroic sister Grace Darling would be ashamed of the brazen hussy.


  1. This is a wonderful figure and I like her a lot. The purples are well done and I particularly like how you cast the shadow from the hat on the front of her hair.

    1. Cheers Anne. She was quite nice to paint, but it was quite a lot to pay for a single figure. Need to get to be a better painter before I commit to more of this type. Also not a massive fan of pneumatic stick thin lasses. Bit too manga for my tastes

  2. With a Harpoon that big she aims to get a giant of the sea. Nice job. cheers