Sunday, January 25, 2015

'Myth' from PeterT - 'Arthur'

As soon as I saw the Bonus theme titles, I knew what I wanted to do for this one - Arthur, the Once and Future King. 

Having read and re-read Bernard Cornwell's Warlord Trilogy, I have long wanted to do an Arthurian/Romano-British force.However, it was not until TFL released Dux Britanniarum that I finally got myself into gear and painted up a Romano-British force. These were all infantry, but with the release of the Raiders supplement for DuxB there is an option to include mounted troops in a British Army of the Old North. Needless to say I got some models but it was the Challenge which gave me the kick to get cracking on them. And who better to lead them than Arthur himself.  Originally his cloak was going to be red, inspired by the cover art on the WHAB Arthur supplement, but then I remembered the opening of The Last Companion by Patrick McCormack (an excellent re-imagining of the Arthurian story which deserves to be much better-known):

"The the reserves appear, walking their horses over the crest of the hill, and at the forefront is a man in a purple cloak, who lifts his spear to the sky and shouts:
'We ride!'

And the voices thunder in reply: 'We ride! We ride! Amherawdyr'"

So, my entry is a purple-cloaked Arthur from Gripping Beast. The shield is an LBM transfer, as even basic shield patterns are beyond me!


  1. My favorite Dark Ages character... Great choice!

  2. Good choice for Myth indeed. cheers

  3. Great entry! I really like the purple cloak! Arthur is almost my favorite dark age myth, but Sir Percival really earned his status! ;)