Sunday, January 25, 2015

'Myth' from BrianB - 'Merlin & Lancelot'

Since I was knee high to a sarsen stone I have always been fascinated by the Arthurian legend, particularly Merlin. So when this round came around I knew exactly what I wanted to paint. I had picked up the Musketeer Miniatures Romano-British Arthurian figures for a dungeon delve project that I started last year. I haven't gotten much further than making a test piece of terrain ( which the figures are photographed on) so I took this opportunity to advance the project a little. 

My painting for this duo was strongly influenced by Cornwell's Warlord Chronicles so Merlin was done in black druid robes and I tried to keep the rest of the colors matching with the setting. I really love this Merlin figure and although there are a few different "historical" Arthurian miniatures out there as soon as I saw this one I bought the whole set. 

Also in the pack came a Lancelot figure so he got some paint as well. I tried to add some white to his armor as in the books he has a suit of scale enamelled white. Also in the story Lancelot's emblem was a fish eagle but I couldn't figure out how to add that around the shield boss so I decided to go with a pair of fishes instead. Seeing all of the recent fantastic freehand shield designs everyone has been submitting I decided to try one as well. 


  1. Great work on the cape and the shield

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  3. Nice evocation of the period, Brian; I particularly like the shield design on Lancelot, and the fur and feathers on Merlin are rendered extremely well!

  4. Really nice Brian - that shield turned out aces!

  5. The shield came out really well, merlin looks grand!
    Very nice pairing!