Sunday, January 25, 2015

'Myth' from MilesR - 'Red Martian'

The RED Martian

The most terrifying aspect of the Martian invaders was their seeming lack of emotion - their unflinching response to losses and mechanical purpose made them terrifying opponents meant that victory could only come from complete annihilation of the enemy - there would be not retreats, no surrenders by the invaders but at least their behavior could be predictable - attack the most apparent threat to their Tripods.


That belief has been shaken by the recent rumors, perhaps even Myth of the Red Martian along the Mississippi Valley.  No photos or first hand accounts have been available as any area where reports of this phantom emirate from are scenes of complete devastation.

Here’s what we do know, The Red Martian get’s it’s name from the blood red coloring that is said to adorn the tripod unlike all of the other Tripod which have uniform colors designating which brood they are from.  The Red Martian also displays “trophies” of scorched human bodies a top the tripod and is said to play the screams of it’s human victims over unseen loudspeakers.  Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of this “Phantom Menace” is it’s behavior - unlike other Tripods which will attack the most direct threat, the Red Martian seems bent on causing as many human causalities as possible and will ignore more likely targets such as Steam Tanks or fortifications if easier human prey is to be had.

There are no confirmed reports as to why the Red Martian behaves the way it does or which Martian drop pod it emerged from.  There are some reports the first encounter with the dreaded Red martian occurred a 5 days after the Land Ironclad Nashville reported a Tripod actually withdrawing from combat after one of her main guns grazed the left side of the Tripods head.  Some scientist theorize that Red Martian was created as a result of the glancing blow and has developed an irrational hatred of it’s human foes given it’s disgrace by retreating from combat.

The model is from the All Quiet on the Martian Front line (18mm scale) and stands almost 6 inches tall.

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