Sunday, February 14, 2016

'L'amour' from BillA - 'Stand by your Ape-Man'

"He ain't no varmint, Daddy!" screamed Bobbi Jo, "He's my boyfriend!" She planted herself firmly between her father and her lover, standing her ground with rifle in hand as the shaggy-furred hominid slunk into the shadows between the trees.  He never knew what to say during family squabbles.  

The Sasquatch (from Reaper's Chronoscope line) was another Christmas present from Gina; she knows my love of all things Bigfoot (though I'm hardly a "true believer").  As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be painted as soon as possible for the Challenge, and it dawned on me that he would make an entertaining entry for the "L'Amour" round.  Looking for a suitable beauty to go with the beast, the Chronoscope line offered up "Bobbi Jo, Redneck Princess."

I must have taken twenty pictures trying to get a good shot of her in focus, and him properly blurry.

Bingo.  A plan was coming together.  I applied some Green Stuff to a 50mm round base and pressed the two figures into it to provide "slots" for their tabs.  I painted everything, then began to final assembly.  A coat of Army Painter "Brown Battleground" basing grit and some moss glued into place to create some underbrush for Bigfoot to disappear into, and my vision was well and truly realized.

For some reason some of the PVA glue used to attach the shrubbery dried opaque.  Not sure why.

Bigfoot likes the booty.

You have no idea how proud I am to have painted the eyes.
Bobbi Jo faced down her father a minute longer, then took off running after her lover, losing herself in the underbrush.  She really thought he would have taken learning that he was going to be a grandfather better. 


  1. Completely cracked but wonderful! Well done Bill!

  2. "He ain't no varmint, Daddy!" screamed Bobbi Jo, "He's my boyfriend!" And she's preggers-hahahahahahaha. Oh I wanna see that ugly little baby when it's born.

    Brilliant entry!

  3. Bonkers but good. Great work on this strange relationship. cheers

  4. So long as it is not her long-lost brother...

  5. I genuinely laughed out loud. Genius.

  6. Absolutely superb! Brilliant concept and execution - I love it!

  7. That made me laugh out loud. Great stuff Bill!

  8. Nice work Bill and a great story :)

  9. Great job, Bill! Nice work on them both! ;)