Sunday, February 14, 2016

'L'amour' from PhilH - 'A bit of Swash and Buckle'

When I was a lad, a staple of Saturday event telly were adaptions of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series. Napoleonic swashbuckling fun for all the family. And of course each episode had the same key elements: a dastardly villain (usually French), an incompetent or nefarious British officer, the cameraderie of the 95th, Sean Bean being heroic... and a love interest. By heck Sharpie went through women swiftly, or so if seemed. 

So when I saw this theme round, I knew I had the right mini for it: picked up from Brigade Games many years ago. The spitting image of Teresa Moreno from the Sharpe TV adaptions. A Spanish partizan working to force the (dastardly) French from her homeland, she meets  Richard Sharpe out on an unlikely errand for Wellesey with his 'chosen men'. They do some fighting, beat the Frenchies, romance and marry - all par for the course for Sharpe.

She untimely meets an unpleasant end at the hand of Sharpe'e nemesis, Sgt Obadiah Hakeswill. Which of course frees up our main man to woo a series of other pretty ladies...

She joins my band of Spanish partisans for games of TFL's Sharp Practice. I had to revert to old paint recipes as best I could so she matched the first that I painted years ago. 

I did have two other partisans half-finished to accompany her, but my ambitious 1:1 scale terrain project drags on, and a monster 8 hour wall painting session today means I'm too whacked to finish them off this evening. So they'll be submitted next week. 


  1. Very clever and beautifully done Phil.

  2. Wow that's nice Phil! Who makes the mini of Theresa? I'd love one!

  3. Great job Phil, she really looks exactly like Theresa from the series!

  4. Awesome .... I remember her from the series, and yes, that painting is really very good indeed!

  5. Very nice minis! I enjoyed the mini series almost as much as the books!