Sunday, February 28, 2016

'Nautical' from PaulS - 'Where's the rum?!'

Arrr. Who took me rum? And me hand?

This pirate was one of the old online-only Warhammer Fantasy models; a pirate captain from Sartosa, and has been sitting in my painting pile for a looooong time. When the Nautical theme was announced, it was a no-brainer really. Well, that or having held onto the vikings from earlier in the Challenge.

With the demise of the Old World, he is now going to be visiting the city of Frostgrave and acting as a captain in my nautical/cthuloid  themed cultist warband. You can't get more nautical than a pirate, surely?


  1. Arrrrr, what a fine looking pirate :)

  2. Nice brushwork on him, Peter! The shark jaw is a nice bit of decoration too! Perhaps a nautical trap master as well?

  3. A great old figure, with a paint job worthy of the subject; Well done!

  4. Brilliant paint job you've done on this captain!

  5. Weird! I wonder what happened to the colour as it looks really washed out in those photos :/

    Thanks for the comments!