Sunday, February 28, 2016

'Nautical' from GregB - 30K Space Figate "Eisenstein"

Well, another theme round approaches, and if there is one thing I do less than in this hobby than paint terrain, it's paint nautical stuff.  I have nothing against nautical themes or ships.  They make for great games! From triremes to cannons to 14-inch guns, I enjoy naval games - it's just that other people have to put them on, as nautical settings are simply not my thing. So I thought I would go with a sci-fi interpretation of the "nautical" theme - this is the "Eisenstein", a frigate belonging to the fleet of the XIVth Legion, the Death Guard, in GW's Horus Heresy setting.

As Horus prepares to launch his rebellion and perpetrate an atrocity on the world of Istvaan III, a band of loyalists seize the "Eisenstein" and make an escape, racing off to raise the alarm. Seemed like a neat subject, helps to keep me focused on 30k, and might even scrape a few desperation points in my Horus Heresy side duel!

The model itself is, I believe, a "system monitor" from the long-disappeared "Battlefleet Gothic" game.  There is no specific look for 30k-era ships, so I thought this would make for a fine Legion Frigate. "Battlefleet Gothic" was a fine, fun game with lovely models and passionate followers.  So of course GW followed their tried-and-true method of killing the game and wondering why it died.  @ssholes. 

Anyway, I do have a nice (if old and dusty) collection of Battlefleet Gothic stuff, but I haven't painted anything for it in a long time. In fact, this model has been sitting primed in my "pending pile" for nearly six years!

With my dive into 30k, I've been trying to acquire some models here and there to perhaps play some Battlefleet Gothic in a 30k setting. I still harbour a dream of one day playing a series of linked games that starts with a fleet action, follows with a game of epic, and concludes with a game in 28mm. With everything else in my pending pile, that is probably not something that will happen anytime soon, but at least this little guy is finished, and he can hopefully serve as some inspiration when that time comes to paint a few cruisers.


  1. I do love the 'Gothic Cathedral meets WWI Dreadnought' aesthetic of these old BFG ships. That was before GW started putting Skullz(TM) on every available surface, of course...

    The nostalgia is palpable; well done Greg!

  2. Nice frigate Greg :)

    I'm pretty sure I entered a bunch of spaceships the last time there was a naval theme round, so you're not alone :)

  3. Sharp looking frigate. Maybe I could bring my BFG fleets to Winnipeg next July (along with the Viet-Crons and the indispensable sail ships).

  4. Loved the story, and still love BFG! That is a wicked looking ship and very worthy craft the loyalists! Very nice work,Greg! ;)

  5. Very, very cool Greg. I love BFG ships and I have to check out this novel now.

  6. there is something very pleasing about space ships and wargames. Very nice to see some in the challenge.

  7. cracking execution Greg, really looks the part for one of the most important ships in the Imperium's "history".

  8. Great little ship. I admire your ability to bring everything back to 30K. A talent, really ;-)

    1. Thanks Iannick - "talent" sounds nicer than "you have a problem..."