Sunday, February 28, 2016

'Nautical' by StephenS - 'U-Boat Commander'

This post reports both success and failure. Success, because I didn't think I was going to get anything ready, failure because it's nine men short of what I was hoping for...

I present to you Herr 
Kapitänleutnant of the Kriegsmarine, once commander of a U-boat, the German navies 'Wolves of the Sea'. Now forced to fight on land in the last desperate months of World War 2, with most of Germany's ports lost to her.

He and the remains of his crew will be part of my 'Last Levy 1945' list that I'm slowly putting together for Bolt Action. I hope that he will also get a chance to strut his stuff in an upcoming Chain of Command game, with the local gaming group keen to give that game a trial run in the near future. 

Not much to say about him really. He is a 28 mm figure from Warlord Games Kriegsmarine Squad box set. He was painted up this morning in about 90 minutes in a fist-waving show of stubbornness at the events conspiring to keep me away from the painting table this weekend. You can still see the glue drying on his base...

Enjoy, and hopefully his crew will be along shortly to keep him company!




  1. Really nice, I can sense the lice roaming around his clothes

  2. Bags of character here, lovely job.

  3. Grizzled and weatherbeaten, he looks like he's seen the elephant alright. Top work, Steve!

  4. Very nice work Steve - he certainly looks suitably grizzled :)

  5. Very nice, Steve! Especially for such quick work!
    I can see all kinds of pulp action chicanery he can get involved in besides the Bolt Action! ;)

  6. A great figure Steve - packed with character.

  7. You look at this figure and just think about "Das Boot! film. Well at least I do. It cries out the dirty cramped quarters on the U Boat.

  8. great character on this mini, very nice!