Tuesday, February 16, 2016

'L'amour' from SeanR - 'Elf of Hearts'

For my bonus round entry this time, I wanted to use a model I already had that might be a close enough match, and use the colour scheme and some minor freehand to convey the theme.

So I present my entry: the Elf of Hearts.

This is a Harlequin Solitaire from Games Workshop. I adore the clean lines and acrobatic pose of this model, and while a full army of this sort of pose might be a bit too much, this single model in the cabinet will work wonderfully.

The colours of purple and turquiose are colours that my lovely wife wears most, so seemed most fitting.

Our subject today is wearing a black leather jacket, and both the jacket and it's scarf have some small freehand hearts painted on. Hopefully this can be seen best in the above and below shots.

It's only a small entry and added early as I'm on holidays with the wife. When this is published I'll be away from the brushes and driving around Tasmania!


  1. That's a nice animated miniature. Nice work and enjoy your driving holiday. cheers

  2. That's a wonderfully dynamic miniature.

  3. Very nice Sean! Love the heart details in the corners of the clothing.

  4. I love a harley - really super work, Sean!

  5. I like this harlequin! Love the heart details and colour choices. Bravo!

    And Snowlord, can this be tagged as a Sarah's Choice entrant?

  6. Very nice, Sean! The color choice is wonderful! As she has the harlequins kiss, I'd refrain from asking her for a smooch! ;)