Sunday, February 14, 2016

'L'amour' from MarkO - 'French Cantinière'

The L'amour round was a good excuse to start on some of the 'civilian' elements for my Napoleonics. Beginning with this Cantiniere figure from Westfalia Miniatures. Cantineires were not exactly civilians of course, but rather auxilairies to French combat units working to supply them with drink and food, and also helping to nurse the wounded. Quite a few were killed or injured on the battlefield in these roles as a result. If things got desperate they would sometimes fight too, as this lady is getting ready to do loading her musket. There's some great information about Cantinieres at

This Westfalia figure is wearing a military jacket, which she may have picked up or made somehow, as early Cantineirie of the First Empire did not have official uniforms. Typical clothing would probably be more like the following pictures. Over time military uniforms in schemes complementing the unit they were attached to became standard though, typically including a braided Pelisse jacket, and large hat to protect from the sun.

Here she is next to a Perry Voltigeur. Theoretically Cantinieres had to be the wife of a man in unit they were attached to, though actual enforcement of this varied. And L'amour required no such formalities for many French post revolution I'm sure!



  1. I really like this Mark. I have this very same figure waiting in the queue and your entry makes me want to get to mine.

  2. Another great miniature I have never seen before. Very nice work. cheers

  3. A lovely choice for the subject Mark. Nice one!

  4. I have always had a soft spot for a cantiniere figure - she's terrific....well done!

  5. The novel, Seven Men from Gascony by Delderfield features a cantiniere, and this is how I picture her; practical, determined and unafraid.
    Well done!
    I think the Snowlord should tag this as a Sarah's Choice entrant.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I must get a copy of that book, cheers for the reminder :)

  6. She looks grand! Very nicely done!
    I "had" a Zouave watergirl, but my own girls absconded with the mini! ;)