Sunday, February 14, 2016

'L'amour' from EdwinK - ‘Give pounds and crowns and rubies, but not your heart away’

There was once in a kingdom a family, now much reduced in status, who had loyally served the crown for some 700 years. Although the position held by the head of the family was now a sinecure, it was the custom that on reaching the age of 16, that the eldest son should present himself at Court to make homage and give account to the king himself. 

It came to pass that when one son performed this duty the king’s daughter fell deeply in love with him – for he was fair, strong of limb and well-spoken. Many an afternoon they spent together in the palace gardens, and they soon pledged their troth for one another. But the princess knew that her father would never allow the match. 

“Your family is ancient, but poor. You must show yourself worthy of my hand. Go abroad, win fame and bring treasures beyond my father’s dreams back with you. Then he must allow us to be as one. I will wait for you my love!” 

So the young man went a-questing. He fought many a villain and many a demon. And he gathered all the treasure he gained into one fabulous hoard. Finally, after ten hard years, he had enough wealth to impress even the king. He sent word to the princess: the reply shook him. 

“How lovely to hear from you. I often think of those foolish, carefree days of our youth. What games we played! Much has changed since we last met. My father died two years after you decided to go on your travels and I became queen. Naturally, my advisers recommended I find a suitable consort. In the end I married funny old Duke Berthold (remember him?). We have three fine children. You must visit some time.” 

The hero sat surrounded by his wealth, the letter in his hand – until he and it crumbled away from age. 

These are 28mm treasure tokens from Ristul’s Extraordinary Market (sold in the UK by Bad Squiddo Games). They are full of great details – magic swords, war hammers, potions, crowns, jewels and, above all, GOLD! They will come in nicely for Frostgrave. 

When I was painting them the line ‘Give pounds and crowns and rubies, but not your heart away’ went through my head and I had an epiphany – “This what I can do for the L’amour round!” So here you are – for never was there a tale of more woe than of that of love.


  1. Back when I played D&D thi is exactly what I wanted to find. Great choice. Well done. cheers

    1. They really are making some great odd and ends now compared the the 'golden days', aren't they!

  2. Replies
    1. Naturally I want to disassociate myself from this tale. I've only had my heart broken, crushed and stamped upon once...

  3. What a treasure Edwin, I do miss Smaug though!

  4. Nice twist on the theme Edwin :-)

  5. Great work, and really imaginative. A very worthy themed contest submission! Bravo!

  6. Nicely done Edwin - great idea.


  7. Come for painting and stay for the storytelling!
    Good work.

  8. Good paint and story, Edwin! Very handy objective markers too! ;)