Sunday, February 28, 2016

'Nautical' from BillA - 'Sahuagin Raiding Party'

OK, OK, so these are technically "Tiik" according to the Reaper Miniatures website, but when you show me a four-armed fish-man with a trident, I know it's actually one of the vicious Sahuagin, deep-sea raiders and warriors from Dungeons & Dragons, an enemy in the game since the mid-1970s.

We've got three "Tiik Warriors," and while I'm not in love with the sculpt (the tiny waist and stubby tails bug me) they make decent enough mooks for any underwater adventure.  These were actually the last Bones figures I tried painting with craft paints before switching to the good stuff - I probably spent an hour with warm water, dish soap and a new soft toothbrush scrubbing the old paint job off these fellows.

Next up is the "Tiik Baron," their four-armed ruler.  I like the bulldog jowls on this figure, and the shell ornaments he's wearing are kind of neat.

Finally, the "Tiik Champion," which is my favorite sculpt of the bunch.  With his rounded head, lack of hard scales, different fin shape and lack of luminescent lure, it's hard to take him as a member of the same species as the other four.  Weirdly enough, he resembles the artwork for the "Deep Ones" in the newest edition of the Call of Cthulhu RPG, which he predates.  I wonder...

All five of these figures were painted with the same color scheme - a basecoat of Reaper Tropical Blue (from their new Bones paint line - I got three bottles as samples in various orders from Reaper, which helped decide what color these guys would be), a wash of Reaper Denim Blue, then a highlighting drybrush of Tropical Blue.  Eyes and lures are picked out in Pale Green, and the texture of the fins brought out with a light drybrushing of Snow Shadow.  Finally, here's a group shot - ready to conquer the hated surface-dwellers!


  1. That Champion is especially ugly (those dead fish eyes...!), but you've shown him and his scaly crew to good advantage. The coastal towns had better look to their defences!

  2. Great stuff Bill. I love the angler fish effect on the troopers.

  3. Replies
    1. Need them to go drag a certain badger to the briny depths? :)

  4. Very crisp brushwork on them, Bill! The blue suits them very well and those are some very characterful sculpts! ;)

  5. Ooh, very nice Bill. I really like these. I think they would make brilliant 'pure strain' Deep Ones for Strange Aeons.

  6. I can only echo Curts comment. And for sure they would be great as a Deep one pure strain.

  7. Yikes, wouldn't want any of those in my swimming-pool... very nicely done!

  8. very cool and scary foes on land or beneath the waves.

  9. ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

    Very cool, love the stricking blue

  10. Looks cools. Reminds me of Stingray TV series. They look really great. Never seen these before. cheers