Monday, March 25, 2019

Challenger's Choice for AHPCIX

Hi All,

Here are all the nominations for this year's Challenger's Choice. Enjoy the gallery and be sure to vote for your favourites. I suggest 4 votes total to allow a nice curve to the results.

I'll make the announcement on the voting results next Sunday.


Barks' Body of Work

BenF's 6mm Moderns

Benito's WWII British Para Project

ByronM's F1 Ork Racer

Curt's Female Samurai

Curt's NATO Frogmen

DaveD's 15mm D-Day Landing Craft

Franjo's US Federal Infantry, Cuba 1898

GregB's Grenzers

GregB's Imperial Titans

IainW's Romagnol Pike Block

KenR's Italian Wars Project

MartinN's Body of Work

Miles' Wizards Tower

Millsy's Crusader Project

NickJ's Flaming Bull Horns

PaulSS' Hundred Years War Project

Tamsin's Body of Work

SamuliS' Waring Clans

SamuliS' Saxon Leibgrenadiergarde

SanderS' TigerForce

SidneyR's 1688 French Hussars

VictorC's 1/16 scale Athenian Hoplite


  1. Fantastic choices - good luck everyone! :)

    @ Curt - no pics of purple and green aliens in my body of work? Oh my! ;)

  2. this was harder than normal, amazing work by some proper talent

  3. All awesome models from talented painters. How is anyone supposed to decided? Well done to all the nominees, these are all great choices.

  4. Flattered to have been selected, thanks for the nomination but there are many much higher quality projects than mine for sure.

  5. Blimey this is nuts. So many amazing efforts to choose from!

  6. A lot of great choices. Painters all done good this year. Great stuff.

  7. I am incredibly humbled to be nominated in such fantastic company. I have no idea how to choose considering how nice they all look.... I’m going to put the kettle on. That always helps!

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