Sunday, March 3, 2019

'Fellowship' from StuartL: No Man Left Behind

For the final bonus round of the challenge, I was scratching my head a bit as I searched through my minis boxes until I stumbled on some Warlord Games promo figures and some spare Germans I had picked up from a friend.

Being a soldier must be a tough experience and, for all I love playing wargames on the tabletop, it is one that I am glad I have never had to live through. To go out and face the enemy, with death mere seconds away must be terrifying. To do all that without a weapon, to go out into the worst of the worst and pull the wounded back to safety is something else altogether. The bravery and sense of duty of the medics who were present in every conflict is astounding. So, what better way to represent fellowship than the people who would rescue the injured and wounded regardless of the risk or what side they were fighting on.

The large base contains two pairs of figures by Warlord games. Two of the single models are also from Warlord and the chap aiming his rifle is by Artizan I believe. The half-track is a Tamiya kit, but isn't a part of the entry, it's just there for decoration. Sadly I don't have a snow effect mat I could use for the pictures, hence the spring green background.

All of the figures are painted with Vallejo colours, Feldgrey for the uniforms and great coats, and a mix of White and Light Grey for the helmets and smocks. The snow effect is also from Vallejo. The tufts on the bases are from War World Gaming.

I have a 1000+ point Bolt Action army of these models to paint, so these figures will serve as test pieces for when I actually get round to it.

As two of the models are pairs, I am not sure how to score them. 2 figures per pair, 1 figure or some other formula? Going for the lowest score, there are 5 models, for a total of 25 points and a point for my Squirrel collection.