Sunday, March 3, 2019

'Fellowship' from NickJ: Chaos Commander Concord

Once upon a Fellowship...

I think this particular Bonus Round was the first one I decided upon. One of the games that we as a group seem to enjoy is Warhammer: Underworlds. Sometimes referred to as Shadespire.

This is GW's competitive game set within the Age of Sigmar universe. Small Warbands of 3-8 figures battling it out across boards filled with hexagonal spaces. The game also has a deck building mechanic that adds further depth and each of the warbands plays a little differently.

Add on to this the fact that each warband has a points value for the main Age of Sigmar game so they can be fielded as elite units on large battlefields and you've got a win win.

For the Fellowship I decided that I wasn't going to do a warband as that would be too simple... note to self - next time don't listen to me... and instead I wanted to create a Fellowship of the 5 Chaos Warband Leaders... the actual warbands will follow...

I present, therefore, The Chaos Commander Concord - or Triple C as they like to call themselves!

From left-to-right
Vortemis the All-Seeing, Tzeentch
Garrek, Khorne Reavers
Theddra Skull-Scryer, Darkoath
Skritch Spiteclaw, Skaven
Magore Redhand, Khorne Warriors

Please note that Garrek was painted previously so will not count towards this year's Challenge! He's included as he is the founding member of the Concord... back when the Concord consisted of just him... can you have a Concord of One?

Anyway let's meet them shall we...

Vortemis, The All-Seeing
Tzeentch does like magic and this Wizard is no exception

I'm using the same green ghostly effect that I did on the Beastman Shaman to show magic!

Yes he does have a wing... no I don't know what he did to deserve 1 wing...

There's even a little pool of magic in his base.

Magore Redhand
Khorne. Blood for the Blood God. Skulls for the Skull God. etc etc. Should give you a flavour for what this warband is about!
He has teeth in his stomach. Which I think is a demon. Or just something bad he ate.
Lots of skulls. Obviously. Red Cloak as no Khorne follower can be seen without red. And I've stuck to my orange weapon blades for all my Khorne units.

There's even skulls in the base!

Skritch Spiteclaw
The rats from the underground. I decided to use a few more muted colours with this chap and to dirty them up a bit due to the living conditions the rats find themselves in.

One of my favourite models as he's been sculpted so dynamically.

The cloak started off as a reddish pink and was turned further red by using red washes. I drybrushed using a colour called Kindleflame which is orange/red.
From this angle you can see there's even a little bit of sewerage involved. Lovely!

Theddra Skull-Scryer
And so to the second of the magic users within this Concord. I'd also like to include her for Sarah's Choice.
Another really good pose from GW. And she has the best hair ever! The tunic took me a while to decide on colours. I tried 2 or 3 different combinations with the purple cloak but couldn't make it work.

The yellow has turned out nice and offers a good strong contrast with the rest of the model.
From the back you can see where cloak and tunic meet...! Again I've used the ghostly green to signify a magic user.

Now you're probably thinking that the colour scheme for Theddra is familiar, especially the red hair and purple cloak?

You'd be correct. You see she's Darkoath and I created a second Fellowship with my Family of Three that lead my Darkoath Faction.

Meet the Family

The Warqueen stands in the middle; she's the eldest sibling
The Chieftain stands on the left of the picture; he's the middle sibling
The Wizard stands on the right of the picture; she's the youngest sibling

Now I just need GW to release a whole army of Darkoath as I'm loving the barbarian look.

So there we are; Fellowship complete.

4x28mm figures = 20 points

Now to try and complete the 4 warbands by the end of the Challenge!



  1. That is some superb brushwork and blending there, sir!

  2. The whole Age of Sigmar thing is completely beyond me, but these are some beautifully painted miniatures. That Skaven character is fabulous. Great brushwork Nick!

  3. Great work; I keep hearing good things about Shadespire.

  4. Lovely painting! Great finish all over and nice bases!
    Best Iain

  5. Lovely painting and a novel take on the theme!

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