Sunday, March 3, 2019

'Fellowship' from TomM: 'Here lies Balin, Son of Fudin'

The Fellowship bonus round, the climax of the challenge I have been working to...

Because in this years theme, what else could I work towards....

Of course, to that end I painted them all, drawn from various metal sets instead of the plastic or classic metal sets.  Including a second Gandalf the Grey just for completeness sake, it would be silly to leave one spot open.

Because, this was also the perfect time to finally paint that limited edition Balin's Tomb that came out 15 odd years ago.  It has named places for all the members of the Fellowship, so to recreate their positioning from the movie.

Of course, that also meant all the fellowship members got a paint job for this round, hauling from the plastic version, bought for the Challenge specifically

While I have 9 infantry models for 45 points, I have no clue for the tomb how much that scores...


  1. Nice band of brothers! Another lovely fellowship group!
    Best Iain

  2. Very nice, I should pull my finger out and paint mine!

  3. A perfect entry for the final round, bravo.

  4. What a brilliant conclusion for the bonus rounds!

  5. Great vignette, I always loved the Morua scenes in the movie.

  6. Brilliant work Tom! Great minds, eh?! I really like your rendition of Balin's Tomb, with all the details picked out. Excellent stuff.

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