Sunday, March 3, 2019

'Fellowship' from HerrRobert: The Iannickgeld, or A Snow Goblin spy!

My original plan for the Fellowship Theme was a Pathfinder Party, highlighting figures of some of the NPCs I've introduced into my games over the last year and a half or so. However, the crunch of time and fate put the kibosh on that plan. So, instead, I decided the best Fellowship Theme entry harkens back to the Side Duels, and how Curt brought them on to keep us motivated. Way back in the mists of time, Challenge Ate to be exact, I challenged Iannick to a side duel on Oldhammer Games Workshop. You can see the Challengers meet on the Field of Honour below:

Needless to say, it did not end well for me:

When Curt called brushes down, Iannick had painted an entire Forest Goblin army, and I had painted a Dwarven Gyrocopter. I blame those stupid Warlord paratroopers, plus Squirrel! So I owed him a painted goblin figure. 

Digging through my available figures and hit upon the shaman pack:
As with the Curtgeld, I wanted Iannick to have a figure he could use in his collection. Since his army is all forest goblins, and these are night goblins, this required a bit of thinking. Now, I also have no desire to paint a whole bunch of black, so I decided long ago to make my Goblin army snow goblins, kind of like Night Goblins, but inhabiting the same snow and craggy realm as my Dwarves. Mixed pairs and all that.

So I went with gray robes and a terra cotta hat, which should blend him into Iannick's horde a little, while still allowing him to stand out a bit. Per the suggestion from Teemu way back in Challenge VII, the base is deliberately simple, so Iannick can finish him up to match the rest of his forces. 

This guy was very much an act of penance. There's just so many fiddly bits on him. All the bones, and the snotling grabbing his leg, and the stewpot/cauldron, and then his staff. So much work!

Here's the obligatory selfie. I'd been seriously tempted to use Barks' Kraken Skin and Soft Tone from the Mercenary Theme, but instead decided to use a more traditional goblin skin tone in Apple Barrel's Clover Fields. I toned it down with a green brown Military Wash from Army Painter. The bones are my standard mix, and the hat is a brick red triad of craft paints that I use.

So, once this atmospheric river/Pineapple Express clears out, I'll seal him and pop him off to Iannick. He can then report the doings of the Forest Goblins back to his chief!

So there we go. And, in the best traditions of Goblinhood, this little guy nets me 75 points: 5 points for himself, 20 for gift painting, and 50 for a theme entry. Sneaky lil git.


  1. Awesome work! I'm gonna find him a nice and comfy spot among his kind!

    1. Just don't open the parcels marked Goblin Post, Grey Mountains . . .

  2. That is an awesome goblin, Robert. I really like the bone fetishes and his Bad Moon staff.

    1. Yeah, he may well be a goblin necromancer in that get up. Perhaps Iannick will use him as his undead mage instead.