Sunday, March 3, 2019

'Fellowship' from RayR: Gandulf

Can't believe the Challenge is nearly over for another year???
This being the final Bonus Round " Fellowship"

As soon as I read the name Fellowship I knew my entry would have to be from
Lord of the Rings. I've got a box with all sorts of odds and ends from Games Workshop's range.

Gandulf here was at the bottom still sitting in his red backed blister pack begging to be painted up!

To be honest he was originally bought to be painted up and sold on ebay
many years ago, but I never got around to it.

Another reason for painting up Gandulf was he was quite an easy paint, being all white!!

But the most important was Gandulf was the defacto leader of the "Fellowship" in LotR, not Frodo
and if our defacto leader the SnowLord, Curt himself put on a white wig, he could be Gandulf!!

This entry will be winging its way over the Atlantic soon as my Curtgeld

so a few more points will come my way, only if Curt laughed at my Gandulf/Curt pun that is.


  1. Lovely looking Gandalf the white!
    Best Iain

  2. Such a great sculpt and nicely done Ray.

  3. Very nice painting job, not always easy working with white colors

    1. It's not easy, you're right. But I'm pleased with him.

  4. Nice one Ray and yeah Curt really could...

  5. Well done Ray, excellent Curtgeld.

  6. Haha! Well done Ray and thank you very, very much! He's a fabulous figure - I've always admired that sculpt and have wanted one for my collection for ages. Your Curt-as-Ancient-White-Wizard is pretty funny, and is only exceeded by your repeated misspelling of his name (JRR must have been wincing throughout your writeup). Bravo! :0)

    1. Whats an A and a U betwean freinds Curt?
      Glad you lick him, he'll be in the pist in the next weak or so.

    2. Thunks Ruy! You're Uwsome! ;)

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