Sunday, March 3, 2019

'Fellowship' from MilesR: The Earps

 My final bonus round submission is the "Earp Faction" from Knuckledusters "Gunfighters Ball" range.  The faction consists of the three Earp Brothers and there three close allies.  This submission should make all of you want to go and re-watch the movie Tombstone
 The first group consists of Doc Holiday, Virgil Earp and Texas Jack Vermillion (now that's a name, isn't it?).
The other three members of the Earp faction are Turkey Creek Johnson, Wyatt and Morgan Earp. The figures are cast as they were thought to appear on October 26, 1881 for the gunfight at the OK Corral.  Well almost, as Texas Jack and Mr Johnson were not present in that famous but very short gunfight (it lasted 30 seconds).  Those two joined the clan for the famous "Earp Vendetta Ride" from March 20th to April 15th of 1882.  The ride resulted in the deaths of most of the Cowboy faction under dubious legal grounds.

I do wish we used named like Texas Jack Vermillion more often in todays business world.  It would make the bland business meetings I endure just a little bit better.

The ride was caused by the wounding of Virgil in an ambush and assignation of Morgan while he was playing pool.

While the movie Tombstone is a great action flick, it does present a rather sanitized version of Wyatt Earp.  In reality he was a complex and somewhat shady character.  Prior to his becoming a lawman in Dodge city he dabbled on the other side of the legal system and had numerous arrests for misdeeds including (1) Stealing tax proceeds as a tax collector, (2) Stealing horses from Indian country (both of these were in Missouri.  Wyatt escaped from jail while being held on the horse stealing charges and that warrant remained open the rest of his life.  Upon leaving Missouri, he went to Peoria, Illinois were he was eventually arrested again but this time shared with operating a, ummm, house of ill-repute.  all of these deeds happened in the space of six months in 1872.

Well this isn't a Western trivia challenge site so I'll stop my rambling and end my submission here.  Thanks for reading.


  1. I was actually thinking more "My Darling Clementine," but you've definitely caught the spirit of the moment.

  2. Great looking cowboy (anti)heroes, Miles! I can't help of thinking of Val Kilmer whenever I read about Doc Holiday - one of his best roles.

  3. Great looking cowboys! Slightly dubious lawmen? Surely not!
    Best Iain

  4. That's a raight purdy bunch of rootin tootin gunlsingers you got yerself there Maryland Miles.