Sunday, March 3, 2019

'Fellowship' from DaveX: Downed Luftwaffe Aircrew

For the Fellowship Bonus Round I picked one of those packs of miniatures I would probably never get around to painting if I wasn't participating in this challenge.  I chose the Foundry Miniatures Downed German Aircrew.  These are old sculpts but terrific sculpts from the infamous Perry Twins.

These can be used for any WW2 Game, specifically I will be using them for Chain of Command and Bolt Action.  They could be an objective or a squad.

I haven't painted WW2 in 28mm in a long time so it is nice to return to the subject.  I really think there is a special bond, or shall we say fellowship among men who served as bomber aircrew in the war, regardless of what flag they fought under.

The miniatures depicted here tell the story of our fellowship's most desperate hour.  They are shotdown, they survived and now they are behind enemy lines.  Are they in a lush field in England? Rural France? or is our fellowship desperately avoiding capture from the Soviets somewhere on the Eastern Front?

This should net me a very handy 90 points.  8 x 28mm Figures plus bonus round.


Co-pilot and Captain of the Aircraft

An airman helping his wounded comrade

The wounded

The fighting fit

The airmen


  1. Terrific entry Dave. I used these very same figures in a Spanish Civil War Chain of Command game (for Condor Legion) and agree they are excellent sculpts. You'd done a cracking job on them here. Bravo!

  2. These are great. They could easily be tramping through the fields of Blighty and running into either Dad's army or a bunch of lonely land girls depending on what kind of film you're making.

  3. Very nice painting work. I'm also using some old Perry sculpts from WF for my British Airborne project and they are a joy to work with

  4. Lovely looking grounded crew!
    Best Iain

  5. Very characterful and true to the theme indeed!

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