Sunday, March 3, 2019

'Fellowship' from SanderS: Kal Jerico

Hoi There,

There's a real load of figures I own that I could have used for this theme round. The knights of the round table from Monthy Phyton's movie (made by studio miniatures) or the Antediluvian Miniatures Adventurers team and even Gaunt's Ghosts. Yet in the end I settled for more Necromunda figures: Kal Jerico and his faithful sidekick Scabs. Why? Well perhaps we all are a Scabs to the greater glory that is our Snowlord who always strikes the right pose at the right moment and always knows how to come up with a  truly erudite remark! Enough sucking up yet? On to the figures then!

While I only recently jumped into the game full throttle, I had been well aware of the game and it's miniatures for quite a while. As such I jumped at an opportunity  to get the duo in an Ebay offering and have been rearing at the bit to get some paint on them, so here they are.

Kal has made a lot of enemies over time and none more fanatical than the Brotherhood of the Redemption (see? Another "fellowship" thingy) so I included five of them here as well.

Most of the Redemptionist figures you see around have red, black or white robes, many of which are decorated with flame motives. I wanted to go a bit less conspicuous and did them up in mostly brown robes, with only the Zealot with eviscerator (a huge chainsword with attached mini-flamer) and the brother with the duo of pistols in a different robe. The guy in the blue hood clearly shows allegiance  to his old Cawdor gang who, according to some novels I've read, don blue hoods.

Oh and someclose ups of the Eviscerator, I like playing with the rust effects a lot:

Some characterful figures to enter in this last of theme rounds. These 7 guys in 28mm scale should gain me 35 points.


  1. Lovely finish on Kal Jericho! I liked the comic strips and the eviserator is a splendid bit of kit!
    Best Iain

    1. I have yet to use them all in a game, but I'll take your word for it.

  2. Great job Sander, love the detail work on the saw.

    1. Thanks Michael, it's not as inspiring as your entry but it wil have to do.

  3. Haha! Poser? Sure. Erudite? I think Sarah may disagree. ;P

    What a wonderful set of figures Sander. Your Kal and Scabs are brilliant - very clean brushwork, my friend. And I love seeing those old school redemptionist figures, especially that loon with the eviscerator (and great work on the caution stripes btw). A super entry.

  4. LOL! Well if not erudite than perhaps "quick witted"?

    Anyway while the newer Necromunda figures are more serious, gritty and gruesome, the older models just ooze character. They are a love to paint!