Sunday, March 3, 2019

'Fellowship' from MartinC: Fag Break

Wot, no Lord of the Rings set piece. No, end of conversation.

The LRDG were the sailors of the desert (no coarse joke abut why camels are called the ships of the desert  gentlemen, and especially you Tamsin). Being lightly armed and in the middle of nowhere there must have been significant fellowship on those cold nights.
These guys have stopped for a fag (cigarette) break for those non-Brits out there.

The figures are Dixon Miniatures and lovely to paint.

The original WW2 photo the vignette is based on :)

I hope Curt will like this


  1. Oye, this is a non-smoking war!

    Very nice.

  2. Martin, this is brilliant. I've not seen these figures before, but then again Dixon has sort of become oddly unfashionable, even though they produce such characterful stuff. I love them - especially the chap wearing the long lambskin coat chatting with his mates. Wonderful. Thanks so much! Now I need to get a LRDG Chev WB truck to go with them. :)

    1. Tanks, glad you like it. The Dixon's guys are different to their normal stock and more like their Gangster stuff. Quite slender but without the massive heads

  3. Brilliant! Makes we want to take up smoking again, well perhaps not, but great piece nonetheless.

  4. Great idea, great figs, well executed. Nice to se some Dixons in the challenge.

  5. Lovely figures, really nice finish!
    Best Iain