Sunday, March 3, 2019

'Fellowship' from TeemuL: Three Trolls

It would have been quite easy to pick up the Fellowship of the Ring for this theme round, but I already two or three of them. I had several other options as well, but in the end I decided to stay in Middle-Earth and paint a group of models I bought some time ago, but haven't painted yet.

Here they are, Tom, Bert and Bill around their camp fire.

I started from Zandri Dust basecoat in order to get them a nice, stony feeling. Aghrax Earthshade added to the feeling. I pondered about earthly colors for clothes, but decided to get some colors, but quite pale and dirty to fit the theme. The campfire came with the set, I tried to make the trees a bit burned as well as the roast. Object Source Lightning was in my mind, but I was happy with this, so I didn't want to mess it up.

The big question of course is, are the they still trolls or is sun already shining...?

Scoring is tricky, they are 28mm monsters, that's sure, but they are tall. The one standing straight is 65mm from top of the base to the eye level... So larger than regular 54mm infantry. And then there is the campfire... About 40 points for the whole lot?