Sunday, March 3, 2019

'Fellowship' from FranL: Irish UN Force

Totally forgot about the bonus until 25 minutes ago, hence the shocking pictures taken under a caravan light and some hastily written drivel, we are both using the internet and the pictures took 30 mins to download.........

This was a project bought quite a while ago for my modern period but thought I could use it represent fellowship, a force to represent the Irish army serving with the UN, I had to use eureka minis Australians who carry the steyr as a damn close representation (well in my mind maybe) and two scorpions (the only 15mm vehicles currently available to buy).....

I consider the Irish military a fellowship of brotherhood and professionalism especially with it's service with the UN (a member since 1955, peacekeepers since 1958, 86 lives lost in that time), there is a link for further information....

I painted the minis in the best representation of the current uniform and even tried the tricolour patch on their uniforms, the UN on the helmet may happen in the future.....

Pictures are shocking.......

I had them in a scenario where they are assisting Israeli forces on the Golan Heights (where there are Irish forces currently) fighting the zombie hordes from World War Z!

32 figures and 2 vehicles......


  1. Great submission Fran! I knew Ireland had a peacekeeping force but it's great to see them represented here in the Challenge. Well done sir!

  2. Nice work,I can't see the shoulder patches, let alone paint them!
    Best Iain

  3. That's an awesome tribute Fran!

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