Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from AlexK: Monster Madness!

So this is my 1st theme round entry of the challenge and it's taken a while to find the right miniature. My criteria for the monstrous round are -

Big, bouncy uncontrollable monster- CHECK
The bounce of said monster should be slightly off vertical (8° ideally) - CHECK
Odd socks - CHECK
Mad, teeth bearing grins for all - CHECK
Arm yourself with a wooden sword - CHECK

With that list in mind I present this cheeky chap. I've stolen a few ideas from other challengers, in particular BrendonW's colour palette for the skin tone of the goblin and I've tried to referece Curts opening piece of the challenge with the stripey sock.

I'm generally a historical painter/gamer so I had a chance to go to the further flung corners of the paint box with this piece which made a nice change. As for the figure it's one of a select few that I really like from GW, the over the top sculpting really works well on this.

I'm going for a 2 for 1 with this as well. I've had a really good time painting through the challenge, so much so that I nearly forgot about the entry fee! So this one is for you Curt, I hope it covers the admin fee. Hopefully it should make it's way to you before the challenge end.

Thanks for looking, 


  1. Love this guy, especially his wooden sword and stripped socks!

  2. Awesome! That is very cool that you found some inspiration from my painting. Thank you.
    Love what you have done here. The socks are excellent and add the additional detail but the Goblin skin is top notch. Under shading colour change on the Squig is brilliant! Cheers

  3. I genuinely love this one. Great work, Alex!

  4. Smashing stuff! I think Squigs are a GW home run. I like the sword!

  5. Brilliant painting, Alex! I love the wooden sword and the stripped sock!
    Really nice work!

  6. Wonderful work! Tons of great little touches, but for me the odd socks really is the best idea on him! :D

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone, they are much appreciated.